Friday, April 27, 2018
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92% of election tally consists of “serious irregularities”, likely massive fraud

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Haiti Sentinel

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – 92% of election tally sheets reviewed by a presidential commission were found to consist of “serious irregularities”, which according to the evaluating body and much of the Haitian population, appear as a cover up for a massive and wide-ranging fraud operation.

The United Nations, still eluding responsibility for the 2010 cholera outbreak in Haiti, is implicated in the election fraud. Through its organization, Office of Project Services, it was tasked to manage the logistics of sensitive voting material. Within 24 hours of the vote, citizens had begun, and have since, accused the head of the UNOPS of being in cahoots with the totalitarian regime and aiding in ballot box stuffing.

30% of the votes tabulated by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) of Pierre Louis Opont were not accompanied by the voter’s national identification number (CIN). These ballots therefore should not have been counted according to the electoral decree. For all anyone knows, these voters could be Dominicans, Canadian or no one at all, corroborating with allegations of massive ballot box stuffing.

57.1% of tally sheets were missing both of the single voting requirement of signature or fingerprint to be validated. For all anyone knows, these could be votes under the names and IDs of the hundreds of thousands who died during the January 12, 2010 earthquake; another allegation alleged by election observers.

46.9% of tally sheets were for voters of false national identification numbers. More than 60% of votes did not include a ballot roll, a required document to justify every vote cast at a particular voting center.

These figures are the result of an investigation of 15% of more than 13,000 tally sheets of the October 25, 2015 elections.

The investigation was meant to only concern the presidential elections of that day but because the “irregularities” are concerning the ballot rolls, they also concern legislative and local elections which took place on that day.

What is most striking is that these findings are of the report of a presidential election evaluation commission. This commission is regarded, moreover, as consisting of members sympathetic to the totalitarian regime of Michel Martelly. The commissioners fell short of declaring the candidates who benefited from the “irregularities”, that are possibly covers for fraud.

Only 8% of the 2026 tally sheets examined were found to be consisting of “no serious irregularities.”

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