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Call to nullify elections by Lawmakers, Scholars, Artists

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Haiti Sentinel

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) – The remaining members of the Senate, notable Haitian scholars, artists and authors and other personalities have created and signed a running petition calling for the nullification of the 2015 elections of the Provisional Electoral Council of Pierre Louis Opont.

The position taken by these leaders set the stage for a revolution in Haiti as the U.S. Ambassador is said to be preparing to install a Parliament and President in Haiti, regardless of the will of the overwhelming majority who continue to protest for free, fair and inclusive elections.

The petition follows:

Sign the Petition
Gathered December 23, 2015, at the invitation of a group of Senators of the Republic, in the Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince, in the presence of Mgr Guire Poulard, Archbishop of Port-au-Prince, we signed the present, having serenely processed and analyzed the situation in Haiti for the period of 2010-2015, aggravated by an unprecedented electoral crisis, we have reached the following conclusions, which we hope will resonate with every citizen.

1. In 2010, following disputed elections, heavily manipulated by the International Community, the country found itself in the grip of a power that has seen the advent of Mr. Joseph Michel Martelly as President of the Republic. Since then, the country has faced a series of institutional crises, making functioning difficult for state bodies;

2. This government is committed to the initiation of a series of budget-projects without any serious impact analysis and artificial expenses without logic correspondence with the country’s socio-economic reality.

3. Most of the activities funded by the Petro Caribe funds were characterized by the greater opacity of a hand (just call regular offers little respect for ordinary procedures: insider trading, conflicts of interest …… ..) and on the other hand, the expensive practice of the State for the maintenance of this government and its regular practice (repeated trips, stays in luxury hotels, bloated delegations …). contributed to squander public funds while worsening economic and financial situation of the country: huge budget deficits, increased external debt, low growth rates, hazardous depreciation of the gourde against the dollar.

4. Our national currency, returned “zòrèy bourik” exchange rate is 60 gourdes per 1 US dollar. In a country where everything has to be imported, including food, one can imagine the negative impact of this situation on the lives of the disadvantaged masses. Indeed, more than ever, the misery of our people today is not a statistic. She became a social fact. On the bed and we see it in the looks on the faces and through begging in which diving is a huge segment of our society.The few $ 50 million to be put on the market by the BRH will not stop alas nothing that tumble as they will be quickly swallowed up and transformed into “martelodollars”. Social unrest leading to the alarming crime and confusion in popular circles are obviously accentuated by the election crisis without issue.

5. Unable to hold elections, and not wanting either, during the first four years, the Executive did ended up forced to realize that in the last year, squeezed by two constitutional deadlines: the of a new Parliament and that of the swearing in of a new president.

6. Power has managed to secure the political system through the control of Local Authorities

• Whereas this electoral crisis caused by the failure of the electoral day of August 9th and October 25th, 2015 comes from a grossly and systematically flawed electoral process;

• Whereas the CEP in principle consensus that eventually emerge quickly reveals a CEP completely under the thumb of the executive, it can not in any way hold free elections, democratic and inclusive.
• Whereas jams urns and violence that characterized the returning August 9 earned him the blow of qualifiers state election, electoral farce, electoral masquerade as that of October 25, considered by institutions of National Electoral observation as a major operation to fraud especially with the planned 950 000 accreditation cards provided by the CEP to agents and observers.

• Whereas the CEP suffers increasingly from a credibility deficit that makes it virtually impossible to continue the process and is entangled in all kinds of scandals, while it displays an inconsistency in most decisions causing general discontent

• Whereas the unilateral forceps delivery of a so-called independent electoral commission evaluation to meet the demands of various sectors, has failed to convince the Democrats of good faith from power in spite of the presence in its members, representatives of major religious institutions and human rights organizations.

• Whereas the Minutes 78 randomly selected and analyzed at the Tabulation Center, systematically presenting all traces of serious irregularities and fraud, are clear evidence that the audit should extend not only just thirteen miles more Minutes of the lists but also signing sheets, newsletters, minutes of waiting, not to mention the candidates, supporters and parties involved in cases of violence documented by the CEP itself, the necessary hearings to shed light on serious corruption charges members of the CEP and its contentious proceedings, brought by candidates sometimes with supporting evidence.

• Whereas the deadline for making the checks and evaluations demonstrates, if need be, that power wants anything but a comprehensive and serious work, because it is impossible even for seasoned experts to perform such a task in so little time unless the conclusions and recommendations are already known in advance and should not serve as the Prime Minister indicated, to validate a process to enable virtually unrecoverable meet deadlines, whatever the cost to the nation.

• Whereas the expenses incurred for the holding of elections can not be regarded as a transaction of the business sector and that the power and the CEP must understand that the national interest, the requirements of a normal democracy, recovery fullness of sovereignty, political stability after the end of the mandate of the president of the republic, command them to take a break in the electoral process, and take the time for a serious discussion among Haitians to find sufficient consensus on the best formula for a sustainable way out of this political crisis.

• Whereas it is imperative to overcome the constraints of special interests and resist pressure from the international community to transform this electoral disaster into opportunity for a new start, for national reconstruction on a sound basis with elected officials whose legitimacy is unquestionable.

With these observations, we signatories of this appeal, after mature reflection about the seriousness of this crisis, have reached the following resolutions: 1. The outright cancellation of elections of 9 August and 25 October 2015.

2. Training sooner or later a commission as requested by all parties and the public to audit the electoral process and establish responsibility to initiate the necessary criminal proceedings and ensure that more never such situations from recurring.

Given the danger facing the country today and that may precipitate into anarchy or a narco trafficker state of totalitarianism, we invite all democratic and patriotic forces of the nation to find a beam for all the means for establishing another state model.

Port au Prince, December 28, 2015

Following signatories:

1) Marie Frantz Joachim,
2) Lyonel Trouillot,
3) Herold Jean Buteau,
4) Frantz Gerard Verret,
5), Freud John,
6) Serge Legagneur,
7) Evelyne Trouillot,
8) Edmonde S. Beauzile,
9) Pierre Buteau,
10 ) Pierre Franky Excéus,
11) Yvon Feuille,
12) Micheline A. Figaro,
13) Jean-Baptiste Bien Aimé,
14) Jean William Jeanty,
15) Alix Richard,
16) Joseph Maxime Rony,
17) Claude Baboun,
18) Andree Yolette Jeanty,
19 ) Rosemond Pradel,
20) Wesner Polycarpe,
21) Me Mozart Clerisson,
22) Jean Pierre Bailly,
23) Robert Beauzile,
24) Jean Phanor Misguaire,
25) Dr. Robert Auguste,
26) Rev Father Rulx André,
27) Joseph Joel Louis,
27) Ernst Jean Pierre,
28) Dominique Brutus Verela,
29) France Pierre D.,
30) Ginette Cherubin,
31) Philfrant St Nare,
32) Samora Chalmers,
33) Stephanie Nelson,
34) Pierre Andrise,
35) Patrice Dumont,
36) Andrew Wilson,
37) Modeline Renard,
38) Frede Declaire,
38) Edouard Baboun,
39) Pierre Richard Saintar,
40) Chavannes Jean Baptiste,
41) Weiner Dauphin,
42) Andrise Pierre,
43) Junot Felix,
44) Camille Chalmers,
45) Jean Laurent Lherisson,
47) Dangelo Neard,
48) David Jean,
49) Barbara Pierre,
50) Fritz Deshommes,
51) Nicolas Pierre Louis,
52) Jean Simon Saint Hubert,
53) Jules Geranide,
54) Arrossen Theano,
55) Djenan Clement,
56) Dernick Neize,
57) Luckens Legros,
58) Dumé Nicson Joseph,
59) Medhi Chalmers,
60) Magalie Comeau Denis

For authentication

Marie Frantz Joachim
General Coordinator

PS: This call is open to other signatures

Petition Online: https://www.change.org/p/al-etat-haitien-appel-aux-citoyens-et-citoyennes-d-haiti

Contact: Marie Frantz Joachim: 38130517 / Edmonde S. Beauzile: 37017222 / Pierre Bureau: 37279822 / John Freud: 34437311 / Jean Baptiste Bien Aimé: 37028071 / Jean William Jeanty: 37017049

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