Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Options for Carimi after Mickael defection

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Carimi Options

NEW YORK, USA ( – The ink on Mickael Guirand’s indefinite-hiatus-from-Carimi letter may be barely dry but it hasn’t stopped writers, like fans, to start thinking of possible fill-ins to complete Haitian music’s top trio.

Kompa Magazine! published a list of seven artists that its writers felt would meld well with Richard Cave and Carlo Vieux:

*MIKABEN: The first option that comes to mind in my opinion. Considered as an Unofficial Carimi member….he is basically FAMILY, and is very comfortable with the crew. Has a couple of HITS in the bag with the band. Has a SOLO career, but we’re not sure where THAT is at right now.

*OLIVIER DURET: Would have been the perfect choice for Carimi….HAD HE NOT CREATED/JOINED his band DAT7. Would have been IDEAL….but who knows? Would he put his own band on Pause to see how that works with Carimi considering that they are more booked than DAT7 as we speak? KALIKO and BOOGIE of DAT7’s crew are very close to Carimi right now….what does that mean?

*JAMES C: You want a voice that many say sounds a lot like Mickael Guirand….HE’S YOUR MAN. After that, because he has not been active on the market for a minute; that might count against him.

*FLAV: Flav “liked” the statement made by Carimi manager Farinen about the group’s future just a few minutes ago on our IG page…..does that mean anything? (Joke). Can we say that FLAV would turn down Carimi if they made an offer or not? Not sure if they would be willing to cross Gabel manager Patrick Fabre in terms of respect…so that might be out of the question.

*STEEVE KHE: To many could be a very good choice; but to others, because of what he just went through with Djakout, as well as people thinking that he lacks in terms of stage presence (Carimi is a SHOWTIME band); that might work against him. Having said that, is probably the one that makes the most sense after Mika because HE IS A FREE AGENT.

*MAC D: In terms of the fan base, and also because he has the looks for the ladies, he makes lots of sense for that pick…having said that, because of Fito’s very close friendship with SANDERS Harmonik, and because of Nickenson’s “clean/good guy” reputation in the business, it would be a hard move to do. YES MAC D….seems to be a NYC guy these days…..but he also seems to care very much about HIS BUSINESS Harmonik….one that he started from scratch with the other owners. PS: KOMPARED…OU MET POZE….LOL….I think.

POSSIBLE OPTION…Make most of the gigs 2 BAND gigs and have RICHARD and CARLO sing the songs that THEY SING LEAD VOCALS on “Fe m Kado w, “Mwen Sou”, “Por Favor”, “U My Number One”….U know the rest…UNTIL MICKAEL GETS BACK

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Post source : Kompa Magazine!

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