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“An Act of High Treason”, pastors implicate CEP, Govt and Core Group

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Haiti Sentinel

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) – On Sunday, the Conference of Haitian Pastors published a press note calling the publication of final results of the October 25, 2015 elections, an “act of high treason”. The national religious group said the Martelly regime and the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) are conspiring with members of the international community “under the infamous label, ‘Core Group'”.

The Haitian pastoral organization says it considers these challenges by the three named entities to be a “declaration of war” against the Haitian people and called upon the people to “organize and mobilize activism in a spirit of solidarity and patriotic vigilance to defend themselves against their attackers.” Their press note follows:

Countries and diplomats referring to themselves as the Core Group in Haiti
Brazil Jose Luis Machado E. Costa
Canada Paula Caldwell St-Onge
European Union Javier Niño
France Elisabeth Beton Delègue
Spain Manuel Lorenzo García-Ormaechea
UN-Haiti Sandra Honoré
United States Peter F. Mulrean

The Conference of Haitian Pastors (COPAH) denounces a plot to topple the country into utter anarchy with the publication of the final results of the first round of the presidential election on October 25 tainted by massive fraud and irregularities all sorts. By this act of high treason against the nation, the electoral council and the executive further complicate a situation already too fragile.

These two entities are firing on all cylinders to impose a stranger at the head of the country through tailored elections, in cooperation with the international community united under the infamous label “Core Group”. The visit of Fanmi Lavalas to the Tabulation Center Votes for verification, following a decision by the National Electoral Office of Litigation (BCEN), shows the scale of the scandal to the neck including the Electoral Institution supposed to organize the games to renew the Haitian political staff.

The COPAH acknowledges that the CEP and the powers that are based in the Core Group are pushing the country into an unprecedented electoral crisis and political and social instability, the consequences can be both catastrophic and incalculable for different sectors. These three entities have joined forces to lead the country into general chaos, so that in the total confusion they create, they can better seize what remains of scarce national resources.

COPAH estimates this more than a challenge, it is a declaration of war that the CEP, the regime Tet Kale (shaved head) and the Core Group brings to the Haitian people who, on February 7, 1986, rejected dictatorship in all its forms and opted for a participatory democracy and political change. Today, stateless persons working against national interests must remember one thing; what happened in 1957 and lasted until 1986 will not recur in 2015. Times have changed, things have changed and the people of Haiti are becoming more mature politically. Therefore, Haitians must organize and mobilize activism in a spirit of solidarity and patriotic vigilance to defend themselves against their attackers.

In fact, the behavior of the CEP, the powers that be, the Core Group and their sycophants are part of a vast conspiracy against democracy and progress of the Haitian people. These three entities will certainly be held accountable for everything that can happen in the country. Already, on the recommendation of the Head of MINUSTAH, Sandra Honoré, the power that has turned the police into a genuine political militia, began indiscriminate repression and political persecution against the democratic opposition. On November 18, 2015, during a peaceful opposition demonstration, at least one person was shot dead and several others injured, including two presidential candidates and one senator in office. For several weeks, the official candidate’s supporters, those of Jovenel Moïse, have been making life difficult for the people of Trou-du-Nord. On the other hand, Jovenel Moïse has shown an inordinate thirst for power by inciting his supporters to use their “well-sharpened machetes” to defend their interests. He would therefore be desperate to come to power.

So far, neither the government nor the Core Group has had the moral decency in condemning these despicable acts that are contrary to democratic principles and the rule of law. Almost all opposition demonstrations were brutally repressed by the police and politicized totally devoted, almost exclusively, to the service of the power. Opponents who demonstrate against the regime never reach their final destination. The protests have been stopped or dispersed with tear gas, rubber bullets, real bullets or with batons. The police were simply feral by those who want to maintain power at all costs and establish a new dictatorship in Haiti with the support of a sector of the international community. Respect for human rights has much regressed. Democracy is at risk. And the country’s future is uncertain.

The proconsul behavior of some ambassadors accredited in Haiti which convoke politicians when they see fit to pass the orders takes an extremely worrying pace that should challenge the collective and patriotic consciousness. This becomes more worrisome when those who are often seen as the moral forces of the country are sinking into a complicit silence. COPAH believes that it is neither normal nor politically correct that the Church of God and men are silent to injustice, social and economic violence where the population is victim. It is absolutely contrary to the gospel of Christ that  pastors line up the side of the oppressors and not the weakest. The excuse that Christians should stay out of politics often brandished to justify the indifference of men of God compared to the suffering of the population no longer holds. And examples are there to prove it. If in the 50’s, Dr. Martin Luther King was not involved in the fight against racial segregation, blacks certainly would have no rights in the United States. Stop playing obfuscation and assume our vis-à-vis the people of God as shepherds.

The time of national awakening rings. Faced with the threat of the introduction of a dictatorship in the country, COPAH calls for unity of democratic forces to defeat this macabre plan. Haitian elites must work together to provide a viable alternative that will allow the country to regain its sovereignty and to take the path of progress and sustainable development. The country runs straight to a disaster if nothing is done to resolve the electoral crisis caused by the CEP, the Core Group and the powers that be. It’s now or never when those who still believe in the future of Haiti and who will not leave a most lamentable country to their children and grandchildren to engage resolutely in the fight for the emancipation of the country .

May God watch over Haiti and savings new misfortunes!

Port-au-Prince, November 26, 2015

Rev. Ernst Perre Vincent


Rev. Jean Denavard Tranquilus

Executive Secretary

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