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Haitian-Americans say Jovenel Moïse, PHTK, “thieves”

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Haiti Sentinel

NEW YORK, USA ( – The embattled ruling party candidate, Jovenel Moïse, continued to use the funds and resources of the Public Treasury on Friday as he traveled to New York where Haitian-Americans gave him a cold welcome.

The Parti Haitien Tet Kale (PHTK) candidate was received at the airport by a delegation from the Consul General of Haiti in New York and was driven in state vehicles. It is suspected that all expenses of the trip came out of Haitian and U.S. taxpayers’ wallets.

Protest Brooklyn, NY, USA November 20, 2015
Protest Brooklyn, NY, USA November 20, 2015

Haitian-Americans in Brooklyn held a protest at Jovenel Moïse’s every appearance, which consisted of  speaking to audiences of about 30 persons cramped into small rooms.

Several dozen had amassed outside these venues to call the candidate a thief and a fraud for participating in what is being labeled, an “electoral coup d’etat”.

Protests also have been taking place in Miami and Washington, D.C. in the past week although the candidate was not present in those cities.

Protester in Miami
Protester in Miami. Tells the State Department’s representative in Haiti to say no to the electoral coup d’etat

Tens of thousands in Haiti have been protesting almost daily against the results of the elections. Jovenel Moïse was placed in first place by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) of Pierre Louis Opont but exit polls show that about 6% actually voted for him, which would have placed him in fourth.

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