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UN denial of electoral fraud role denounced by intellectuals

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Haiti Sentinel

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – The denial by the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary General, Sandra Honoré, of her organizations role in a massive electoral fraud operation has the chief again undressed, this time by a group of renowned university professors, artist, workers and community leaders.

In an open letter, the group of intellectuals say they did not believe the United Nations, or Madame Honoré, which issued a speedy denial without an effort of investigating the allegations.

Michel Martelly, Sandra Honore
Warm photo of President Michel Martelly (L) and Sandra Honore (C), UN Special Representative of the Secretary General in Haiti at a party at the National Palace, a week after the fall of the Haitian Parliament. January 19, 2015. [Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Images]
The reelected deputy, Antoine Rodon Bien-Aime, of the ruling party, revealed the participation of UNOPS Election Logistics Director, Sylvain Coté, in the fraud.

Honoré simply released a note denying the allegations, never investigating the claims, as well with the Core Group, urged the totalitarian regime of President Michel Martelly to make protests against the results very consequential.

The open letter follows:

Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General

Head of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti

Port-au-Prince, November 16, 2015,

Madam Ambassador,

We, professionals, workers, artists, writers, researchers, journalists, professors, teachers, students and political activists, women and men of Haiti, took note of the reaction by which you made the most formal denial to allegations of Deputy-elect Antoine Rodon Bien-Aimé who suggested a clear involvement of United Nations agencies, including UNOPS, in the fraud that marred the elections of October 25, 2015, which, indisputably represents the largest operation ever orchestrated in the history of elections in the last 30 years in Haiti.

Madam, we would willingly believe you, because, as the main guarantor of respect in Haiti of the United Nations Charter, you should do honor to the human values ​​and the dignity of peoples. Therefore, listening or reading your rating of denial, we would have felt the echo of this dignity as a testament to the courage and the sincerity of your position.

But unfortunately!

In this context, Madam Ambassador, with all due respect deserved to your rank, you will allow us to doubt the sincerity of your denial, because through the recent history of Haiti, including over the last five years, nothing invites us to believe you. Especially as the actions and pronouncements of all the agencies you represent, through the United Nations Mission, can only lead us to doubt the honor of your word.

And in the meantime you can build with the Haitian people these links that would give your word that echo sincerity, we will oppose four reasons, for cons, make us live in the painful certainty of a “heard” because establishing how your predecessors and you, through MINUSTAH, have already denied the facts, yet oh so obvious to the whole world. Thus this new denial can not be a mere recurrence.

Besides, why should we believe you, You, Madame, who so far have not shown any break with the United Nations management mode which only humble ourselves as Haïtiens and constantly lies to the people:

• Obviously we think the cholera epidemic that your soldiers have introduced here in Haiti in 2010 and that your mission has always denied since then, despite the countless and irrefutable scientific evidence of several prestigious research institutions worldwide.

Your organization has thereby paid tribute to irresponsibility!

• We can not not remember your silence, that contempt in fact, many now face the recurrent cases of assault and sexual abuse of your soldiers and your police officers against the minor (s) of both sexes and Haitian women. In 2007 effect of human rights organizations today have counted, officially, over 70 cases of sexual abuse by members of MINUSTAH all nationalities: Pakistan, Uruguay, to name a Canadian ceux- There.

In this case, it is at the service of impunity that your organization has acted openly!

• And we would remind your memory the sad events of the November 2010 elections in which several witnesses agree on the role of the United Nations and other influential international agencies with small groups that have put the country with fire and sword so that at the same time (in what was programmed chaos) your predecessor, the unspeakable Edmond Mulet, forced, under threat of exile, President Rene Preval to accept the rigged results produced by having some logistics control tabulation center. But you have not denied these events?

Why it is today that we should believe you?

• How to mention the elections on August 9 and those of October 25, 2015 for which you make the denial of participation in fraud? How can we believe you Madam Ambassador, when you and some other ambassadors, gathered in a group making body with the EUROPEAN UNION and the OAS, you were warmly applauded in the early hours, as these elections, if not the most successful since 1987 at least as the most “worthy of Haiti,” while the whole world is discovering, under pressure from the street, it is the truth of the biggest electoral fraud operation ever conceived and operationalized for the last 30 years in Haiti?

How, how you think, madam?

How then doubt the participation of the UN logistics expert in the mechanics of fraud when it is suddenly you react, dictating the CEP moreover conflicting messages on the recognition and extent of fraud registered? Fraud you have always denied until then!

Madam Ambassador, it is true that to date, we still do not understand the real reasons of the great unpacking the Member elected Antoine Rodon Bien-Aimé, so let we tell you that we do not explain the CORE GROUP stubbornness in Haiti to support the indefensible and the unspeakable. The actions of this group and restraint gaps are so obvious and clumsy that they finally make it clear to all Haitians, and to us it COLLECTIVE unworthy, especially the concepts of democracy, the rule of law, justice, FREE of elections, and HONEST TRANSPARENT are not universal values ​​taxable at all but merely legitimizing slogans of certain powers subject to certain dictates and blindly serving certain interests.

Madam Ambassador, we would like to remind you that the UN Charter enshrines the right to peoples to self-determination and therefore it is the Haitians themselves who can and whether the institutions of the country function properly and if the elections were conducted in compliance with the standards of fairness, transparency and honesty.

While recalling that the presence of MINUSTAH is not accepted by the Haitians, we would like that in the future your pronouncements are more restrained impressions, respect and dignity for the people of Haiti. For one, it will, in some way to honor your name and the Caribbean identity which, beyond your rank and function, represents you everywhere. Moreover, it will also and above all a way to enroll in the tradition of this small list of UN diplomats who, throughout history, have been able not only promote the United Nations Charter, but also and above defend dignity and truth wherever human stupidity wants to enslave men and women, alienate civil and political freedoms and take away human lives.

With all the above and in the meantime, we say ENOUGH! THAT’S ENOUGH !

Stop your accomplice of executioners of the Haitian people!

Stop standing in the way of the march of the Haitian people towards their destiny, pride and dignity!

Stop using us as guinea pigs and as a land of experimentation failure of your projects!

Let us be free to choose our leaders and shape our institutions with respect for the values ​​of our human dignity!

Signatories of letter to UN Special Representative of Secretary General
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