Saturday, July 21, 2018
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UN Coord implicated in electoral fraud allegations

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Haiti Sentinel

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – A deputy of the ruling party implicated a Canadian United Nations Electoral Logistics Coordinator in the massive electoral fraud registered during the October 25, 2015 elections.

Sylvain Coté
Sylvain Coté, UNOPS Electoral Logistics Coordinator – LinkedIn

Deputy Rodon A. Bien-Aime said the United Nations’ Office for Project Services (UNOPS) contracted with Sylvain Coté to manage its logistical duties during the 2015 elections.

Coté was an official of the totalitarian regime of President Michel Martelly who was hired as coordinator for UNOPS’ coordination of pwosevebals and ballots.

“The other political parties have already confirmed these irregularities and these fraud cases and I reconfirmed with them. and whether I do it a hundred times, I will do it again,” said Bien-Aimé who again confirmed knowledge of  fraud.

Deputy Bien-Aimé is unique that he is a party member of the regime, PHTK, and was a member of its infamous parliamentary majority, Parliamentarians for Stability and Progress (PSP).

Reelected to another term as deputy, the former Chairman of the House Finance Committee said Coté is, himself, directly responsible for the switching of ballots with pre-filled ballots.

The name of Antonio Solas, who runs an election consulting firm called OstosSola, out of Mexico, was cited as architect of the operation.

On the eve of elections, it was reported that another number of vehicles transporting ballots were attacked by bandits who burned the sensitive election materials. The General Director of the CEP, Mosler Georges release press notes in this sense saying that the transporters were safe but ballots were lost.

Journalists in Haiti have, in vain, been unable to comprehend the motive of bandits to just burn ballots and not the vehicles, and furthermore, why the CEP didn’t have images of the burned ballots and other details to provide.

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Post source : Le Nouvelliste

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