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National Strike to take down Martelly say Workers Unions

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Haiti Sentinel

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – A national work and activity stoppage scheduled for Monday and Tuesday November 9 and 10, 2015 is maintained and appears to have evolved into a movement to “shake the Martelly regime”.

Despite the declarations of de facto Prime Minister, Evans Paul, Friday night, of a cancellation of tax hikes and increased benefits for former government officials. After an extraordinary meeting with about two dozen unions, the strike is maintained.

The spokesman for the transportation union, DNTSF, Jerome Jacques Anderson, spoke after a meeting which include 18 transportation unions and some factory worker and small industry unions which joined the strike.

Anderson said the Saturday morning resolution the group had came to is called the “Resolution against the Shady, Criminal and Lie-run, State”. The organizations “denounced the cover-up done at the prime minister’s office to try to undermine the people’s struggle.”

The organization’s resolved that Evans Paul and the Martelly administration cannot be trusted to keep its word about removing the taxes. They recognized the PM as disingenuous and condescending, saying “he knows we are not kids.”

The unions note that it would require a decree to cancel the taxes that were levied and benefits given by decree.

However, they did say that the Head of State had until Sunday to send the decree to them or the strike would continue as planned.

A government spokesman said that the decree would be issued Monday morning but this was for naught to the demonstrators who spoke of a jadedness after 5 years of Martelly rule.

None the less, it is believed that President Michel Martelly and his family have left Haiti since Thursday’s release of preliminary presidential election results. The First Family is likely not to return to Haiti until Wednesday as security has been cited as a concern.

Street protests against what appears to be results of a fraud-ridden and uninvestigated election on October 25, 2015 began on Friday. The demonstrations have been non-violent but the use of chemical gases and other deterrent devices by Haitian National Police threaten that peace.

DNTSF had earlier in the week announced an ultimatum to President Michel Martelly until Wednesday, November 4, 2015 to return on his decree. Rather the Martelly administration responded with audacity saying it would maintain it self-serving measures.

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