Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Election results could be fraudulent, says RED Latinoamericana y del Caribe

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Haiti Sentinel

WASHINGTON, D.C. ( – The Permanent Secretariat of the Latin American and Caribbean Network for Democracy (REDLAD) warned that the electoral process in Haiti was full of dark areas where electoral fraud was possible.

REDLAD said that the Departmental Intervention Brigade and Operation (BOID), a new paramilitary force created just before the election season, was part of a strategy that used fear and repression.

During election day, the regional organization notes cases of alterations to the electoral process in the form of obstacles in the issuance of mandates and the over-saturation of mandates.

The latter may have led to the purchase of mandates by the ruling party, multiple voting, compounded by irregularities in the counting of votes and ballot box stuffing.

It is noted that politicians and observing organizations called for investigations and put forward recommendations. These were ignored.

162 complaints of fraud were received by the electoral council but only 42 were studied. The Provisional Electoral Council of Pierre Louis Opont postponed the November 3, 2015 day scheduled for results to be given for 48 hours.

Opont said it was to study the complaints but according to Electoral Councilor Jacceus Joseph, who did not sign the results, there was no investigation into the results.


The Permanent Secretariat of the Redlad platform of over 520 organizations that defend democracy and human rights, official member of the Civil Society Forum of the Organization of American States (OAS) and Regional Chapter of World Movement for Democracy (WMD):

· Notes that there was a dissemination strategy aimed fear that the electoral absenteeism.

· Condemns the role of BOID in relation to abuse of force and demand justice for the more than 15 deaths in the meeting of Cite Soleil.

· Call a more objective look at the process and its results, taking citizen complaints and respecting the existing electoral law.

· Urge to research any evidence of fraud and that follow due process

· Alert on the need for the current administration accountable for the period to revoke the decree and hold harmless current staff.

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Post source : Noticias Electorales

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