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Deer Hunting
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Hunting is one of the major causes of extinction. An important step to protect wildlife is fighting against hunting. In many countries for example, deer hunting is illegal.
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One of the greatest threats to grizzly bears is habitat loss. We should protect their habitat by reducing waste, ending plastic pollutions, using non-toxic products, etc.
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Global climate change drastically affects desert climate. It results the deserts and other extremely hot and dry climates unbearable to some animals. This can be a major threat to wildlife.

Disqualify ruling party, PHTK, urges by Gervais Charles

Staff Writer

Haiti Sentinel

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – The former President of the Port-au-Prince Bar Association urged during a press conference Tuesday for the disqualification of Parti Haitien Tèt Kale (PHTK).

Gervais Charles
Former President of Port-au-Prince Bar Association, Gervais Charles

Gervais Charles denounced massive fraud concocted in favor of the PHTK candidate for president, Jovenel Moïse.

Mr. Charles said the electoral decree prohibits the acts the party was engaged in and establishes such penalties for offenders.

Witnesses have described an intricate scheme employed by President Michel Martelly and government, which has control of a totalitarian regime.

The scheme involves multiple voting, with electoral cards of social assistance registrants, phantom votes from 2010 earthquake victims and moreover, voting by thousands of mandateurs for political parties, and ballot box stuffing.

Once the lawyer for President Michel Martelly during the 2010 elections, Mr. Charles is among the legal counsel for Fanmi Lalavals.

He was speaking at a press conference of the party at the Aristide Institute for Democracy.

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Post source : Rezo Nodwes

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