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Scorched ballots? Electoral Council challenged for proof

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Haiti Sentinel

Communication 81 CEP 2015BORGNE, Haiti ( – As individuals were arrested with pre-filled election ballots in their possession, a journalist challenges the CEP to prove election materials were burned as it has claimed.


The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) of Pierre Louis Opont was questioned on why photos, or some proof, that election ballots, destined for the city of Borgne, Haiti, were in fact burned by unidentified and armed bandits as claimed by election officials.

Journalist Denel Saintan of Zenith FM on Monday brought the issue to light after some individuals were arrested and found with pre-filled ballots in their possession. One man was said to have 300 ballots crossed for the ruling party candidate, Jovenel Moïse of PHTK.

On the eve of the October 25, 2015, election day, the Executive Director of the CEP, Mosler Georges, released the 81st press note of the council informing the general public, political parties and electorate that there would not be elections held in the northern town of Petit bourg de Borgne.

Mr. Georges said that bandits had attacked a convoy that was transporting sensitive material for the elections to the voting center at the Marie Chandeler Catholic Church, the National School of Champagne, the Community School of Bas Mollas and the School of Saint Marie of Chicano.

According to Mr. Georges’ communication, the bandits had set the materials on fire and burned them.

The incident, as explained by the CEP executive director, raised serious questions, mainly that it did not fit the modus operandi of such crimes in Haiti.

Mr. Saintan said that burning election materials would not be of interest to common bandits, furthermore, if it were for reasons of demonstrations, protesters in Haiti love to burn vehicles to make the point.

Saintan also recalled that UNOPS is handling the transport of materials and has commissioned unmarked, unassuming vehicles for these purposes.

As Haiti is in consensus that the October 25, 2015 vote ran smoothly, that is, without violence, many are concerned that electoral fraud, multiple-voting and ballot box stuffing had still occurred.

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Post source : Zenith FM 102.5

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