Friday, April 27, 2018
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Jean-Charles Moïse 12 dreams for Haiti

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Haiti Sentinel

CAP-HAITIEN, Haiti ( – Presidential candidate Jean-Charles Moïse has 12 dreams for Haiti, basing his aspirations on sovereignty, independence and justice. His political party, Pitit Dessalines #28, published a list of these ideals.

Moïse Jean Charles 12 Dreams for Haiti

  1. Liberation of Haiti.
  2. Make Haiti sovereign, free, autonomous and independent.
  3. Bring Haitians to live with each other in peace.
  4. Make every Haitian at ease in their own country.
  5. Have Haitians stop taking humiliation in the Dominican Republic.
  6. Put Haiti on the rails of development based on national production.
  7. Make all Haitians proud of their country.
  8. Create good conditions so that the Diaspora can bring their businesses to Haiti to create jobs for Haitians.
  9. Work with the private sector, in synergy, for growth and sustainable development.
  10. Justice equality for every individual.
  11. Get Haiti out of international need.
  12. National reconciliation.
12 dreams of Jean-Charles Moise
12 dreams of Jean-Charles Moise.
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