Friday, June 22, 2018
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Infidelity led to Roody Roodboy, Rutshelle, Domestic Violence

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Haiti Sentinel

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( -Sources say Haitian Pop artist Roody Roodboy walked in on his fiance, R&B and Soul singer, Rutshelle Guillaume, and a Haitian rapper which led to the domestic violence incident.

Rutshelle beaten
Rutshelle Guillaume

As of Thursday evening, two days after photos of battery and trauma to the female artist were made public, Haitian National Police had not arrested Dauphin “Roody” Petuel.

In fact, Petuel has since released a video and song, the former announcing he would appear on popular talk show, Pli Lwen Ke Zye, and the latter diss record about Rutshelle.

Despite calls for Petuel’s arrest, Pli Lwen Ke Zye host, Junior Rigolo, has not announced any intention to allow justice to take its course pull him from the highly-anticipated Sunday afternoon slot.

Text messages between Guillaume and rapper Trouble Boy had been made public and suggest an affair of at least several weeks had been ongoing.

HMI Buzz reported that Roody Roodboy had not been able to reach Rutshelle by phone for several hours and drove to her home.

Roodboy walked in on his fiancee and Trouble boy in a “sexual act”, “a bad love position”. The Sentinel requested further details on the position and had not immediately obtained a response.

An “altercation” was said to have ensued between the couple that left Rutshelle with a black eye and several other bruises.

Society’s reaction to these events has not been sufficient. Beyond the absence of criminal proceedings the general Haitian press has mostly left the story for entertainment magazines and websites.

A strikingly significant number of responses to the incident have been in support of Roody Roodboy and denigrating to Rutshelle.


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