Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Three public buildings and bus burned in Arcahaie protests

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Haiti Sentinel

Dignite Bus burned in ArcahaieARCAHAIE, Haiti ( – President Michel Martelly would have given $75,000, presumably taxpayer money, to individuals to “crush” the protests in the city of Arcahaie where three public buildings were burned on Friday and a third bus on Monday.

The buildings, in the city which birthed the Haitian flag, were apparently where meetings between the interior ministry, local interim agents and representatives of the public had met to resolve the six week crisis.

To note, residents in Arcahaie said they had sent no representatives to speak with the government on their behalf.

Arcahaie Tax Office burnedThe buildings burned were the tax office, the municipal palace and the vice delegates office for the district.

Police gunfire was heard through out the weekend according to reports and Route National 1 continued to be blocked. On Monday, a third bus, of the company Dignite was burned.

Students in the city have not gone to school since the commencement of the 2015-16 school year.

Residents demand a retreat of decree, taken outside of the law, by President Michel Martelly to create five new communes, two of which he has personal interests in.

The new commune of Arcadins sectioned off the city of Arcahaie from its beautiful coastline. Here is where Martelly had build a multimillion dollar mansion last year along with homes of his family and friends.Arcahaie Municipal Palace burned

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