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Kerry’s trip to Haiti reveals disdain for Netanyahu

Samuel Maxime


Draft: WASHINGTON, D.C. ( – When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to Washington in March, Secretary of State John Kerry, like President Barack Obama, said he would not meet with him.

The reason for snubbing Bibi, the spokeswoman for the National Security Council, Bernadette Meehan, said that it was in keeping with a “long-standing practice and principle, we do not see heads of state or candidates in close proximity to their elections, so as to avoid the appearance of influencing a democratic election in a foreign country.”

The State Department released a similar statement that same day, saying it would not meet with the Israeli leader for the same reason, elections. On Thursday, those reasons given for not meeting with Netanyahu seemed to go out of the window.

Kerry will meet with Haiti president though

The State Department, via the U.S. Embassy in Haiti, said Thursday that Secretary Kerry would be traveling to Haiti on October 6, 2015 to meet with President Michel Martelly and others, although the country is mired deep in an electoral process.

The Secretary of State will not only meet with the Haitian president but specifically on the subject of elections.

The Embassy statement reads, Secretary Kerry “will meet with President Martelly with other senior Haitian officials.  Discussions will focus on Haiti’s preparations for its upcoming elections.”

How could “no drama” Obama be so sloppy? While the situation in the Middle East is moving towards uncharted territory where the United States seems to be losing grip of the situation? While Vladimir Putin and Russia are taking over in Syria and possibly hitting U.S. allies not ISIL terrorists? While other long-time allies in the region, Israel, are being threatened? Why would President Obama have Kerry travel to Haiti, during its elections, thus showing a clear disdain for Netanyahu and his visit in March?

Covering up for the Clintons

Citizens kneel to vote in the Obama-Clinton elections in Haiti
Americans paid, $38 million, more than four times the cost for elections of better quality in other countries. Where did the money go?

Despite Haiti’s ability to pay for its own elections, the Obama administration paid $38 million of U.S. taxpayer money so that the small island nation could hold a first round of legislative elections on August 9, 2015. It deserves noting that $38 million is more than four times the price that nations of similar and greater populations pay for their legislative elections e.g. Rwanda will pay $8 million for its legislative elections.

President Obama needs Haiti to have elections, even if the vast majority of political parties and candidates in the country are calling it and the process an “electoral coup d’etat”. The CEP reported 11 days later, on August 20, 2015, that voter turnout was 18%. Local and international observers estimated it at 4-5%.

Why is the U.S. president trying to force this as “acceptable”? It is to hide the fact that in 2010, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, through her Chief of Staff, Cheryl Mills, changed those presidential election results in order to bring the current Haitian president, Michel Martelly, to power.

Martelly is a raunchy, cross-dressing, musician and admitted crack user who is known as “Sweet Micky”. A very charming and polite individual in person but as, if not more, corrupt than any Haitian politician. He has, with the support of the Clintons, attempted to install a dictatorship in Haiti by not organizing elections since coming to office.

Haiti Elections and Aftermath
Mouvement Tet Kale (MTK), a purely political organization that rioted and vandalized Haiti’s largest cities were paid $100,000 by USAID, after the fact. Their movements were used by Hillary Clinton to rationalize a change in election results.

Haiti had 5,000 elected officials nationwide, this is the Parliament, Senate and Chamber of Deputies, but it also includes mayors, commissioners, sectional leaders and department managers. Two years into Martelly’s term, every local elected seat became either held by someone hand-picked by the National Palace or non-existent.

A third of the Senate had lost its mandate making it difficult to obtain a quorum, impossible to move on matters requiring 2/3s support. On the 5th anniversary of the 2010 earthquake, January 12, 2015, another third of the Senate and the entire 99-member Chamber of Deputies ran out of mandate. Parliament became dissolved.

The duo of Hillary Clinton at the State Department and former U.S. President Bill Clinton, the Head of the UN Envoy to Haiti, saw an opportunity to manage more than $10 billion in earthquake reconstruction aid. They could have only maximized this opportunity with someone like Martelly as president.

It is perhaps why the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) gave $100,000 to Mouvement Tet Kale (MTK) a group that rioted and vandalized the country in order to legitimize a change in election results in 2010. Then-director general of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), Pierre Louis Opont, said that it was Clinton’s Chief of Staff, Cheryl Mills, who made the change.

Voter in Haiti
$38 million how?

This is how the Clintons gained ultimate control in Haiti and were able to give contracts to their friends and donors of the Clinton Foundation and PACs supporting Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president. That’s Clinton cash.

It is why apartheid has become acceptable in our hemisphere. The Dominican Republic got a raw deal from a major Canadian mining company whose owner is paying for a Clinton Foundation scholarship in Utah. When the Dominican president realized that his deal was dependent on gold prices staying at $1,600 an oz, and saw that price precipitously drop, to its lowest in years, after the deal was signed, he turned aggression towards Haitians.

President Obama phoned-in the Haiti situation to the Clintons. More than $10 billion in donations from around the world under their control and as a result, the earthquake recovery has not met even the most modest of expectations. And that still would be saying the least because the situation has worsened.

The Clinton foreign policy disaster

Haiti was a democracy of 5,000 elected officials in 2010 and today it is a totalitarian government ruled by one, Michel Martelly, and it was not without the steadfast support of the Clinton State Department and now John Kerry who’s only crime is not taking Kenny Roger’s advice, knowing when to hold and when to fold when dealt a bad hand.

The Haitian Parliament is non-existent and as a result, the judiciary also, and the Clintons benefited from it. Hillary’s brother was able to land a “sweet-heart deal” of a mining contract in the country under irregular terms. It was only by the resolution of a crumbling Haitian Senate, that was at 2/3s capacity at the time, that the execution of the mining contract was halted.

In the past five years, Haiti has been a country of dozens of political prisoners. As the New York Times reported, its president has been able to operate without checks, without balance, with impunity towards the establishment of a narco-state. He has assaulted journalists, the poor and women.

Haitians reject the Obama-Clinton elections

Mirlande Manigat, September 30, 2015
VIDEO: Former First Lady Mirlande Manigat talks about a coalition of more than 20 political parties calling for nullification of the August 9, 2015 elections, resignation of CEP President Pierre Louis Opont and a transitional government to organize fair, inclusive and credible elections not paid for by the international community in Haiti.

The second round of the legislative elections held on August 9, 2015, and the first round of the presidential election are scheduled for October 25, 2015. The price to the U.S taxpayer for that cycle is not yet disclosed.

Haitians moreover have rejected the August 9, 2015 and real efforts are being made to establish a new electoral council and a transitional government to organize elections not funded or in the control of an international community that has failed time and time again.

Scenes from voting centers in Haiti, August 9, 2015. The politicized Haitian National Police and UN Peacekeeping force were lax in maintain order and securing democracy in Haiti.
Scenes from voting centers in Haiti, August 9, 2015. The Haitian National Police and UN Peacekeeping force were lax in maintaining order. Human rights organizations say the ruling party, PHTK, and its ally parties are most responsible for the day’s violence.

Even with all the opposition that Haitians have to the electoral process, it is the Obama administration which supports. Whether Haitians fear that these manners of elections perpetuate their crisis, whether tens of thousands protest, are gassed by police, or imprisoned for opposing it, President Obama wants the process to continue in Haiti as not to expose the Clinton debacle down there.

Marco Rubio is the strongest on foreign policy

The strongest foreign policy candidate in the U.S. presidential race for POTUS has to be the the Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio. There’s a lot of experience on the Democratic side but its not good.

Rubio separates himself from the pack by having experience where I believe it matters, in our hemisphere. I believe the U.S. has to turn towards the South and strengthen relations on our side of the world, in order to empower us with credibility and a moral right on the other.

The Cuban-American has the right idea for Cuba and rightly, in my opinion, criticized the new U.S.-Cuba opening of relations. The Obama administration did not stand by the Cuban people there, he should continue to press Castro for a democracy and freedom for them.

On Haiti, Marco Rubio is ahead of the game. A bipartisan bill, the “Assessing Progress in Haiti Act” passed in the house and senate has been on President Barack Obama’s desk since the summer of 2014 and he doesn’t seem to want to enact it. It’s a bill that would be “a step in the right direction”, the Center for Economic Policy and Research Co-director said and he’s right.

But Rubio went further on this bill, amending it to tie U.S. funds to Haiti to be tied to free, fair elections. Having this bill would at least have put the pressure on the Martelly administration, the electoral council, the entire Clinton NGO system, to ensure that the voice of Haitians are heard.

America should not cede anymore territory in the Middle East and around the world. It stands for freedom and people worldwide are counting on us, but American can’t afford to have a hemisphere, unstable and not also sharing the values we hold dear here. Our moral right is our true strength.

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About The Author

Samuel Maxime is a Haitian-born citizen living in the United States. He founded The Haiti Sentinel to bring Haitian issues to an English language audience.


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