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Obama returns Clinton henchman to scene of crime in Haiti

Samuel Maxime


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( -The Obama administration informed the public that it had sent the newly-appointed State Department Special Coordinator for Haiti, Kenneth Merten, back to the country where he served as Ambassador from 2009 to 2012.

Under then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Merten, was part of numerous scandals which brought a democracy of 5,000 elected persons in 2010 to a totalitarian regime led by one in 2015.

The information about Merten’s arrival came from a communication released by the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince on September 23rd.  The press note said that Merten had arrived in Haiti on September 19, 2015, where he began a series of “consultations” with political actors.

The Embassy said that in these meetings Merten would “stress the US support for the organization of fair and inclusive elections in compliance with the electoral calendar”, that calendar and process which was established by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) led by its President, Pierre Louis Opont, a key accomplice of the 2010 fraud-ridden elections.

Ambassador to Haiti Kenneth Merten, 2012
When questions were raised about President Michel Martelly’s legitimacy and a Haitian Senate investigation report pointed to the Clinton State Department as having brought Martelly to power outside of the will of the Haitian people, Ambassador Kenneth Merten stood in the National Palace to give Martelly virtual legitimacy.

Merten’s Mission: Goad Haitians towards Electoral Crisis

In 2015, Kenneth Merten enters Haiti at a time when political parties and organizations are protesting that the electoral process underway is neither fair, inclusive, or credible. These political actors have been calling for the resignation of Pierre Louis Opont since his admission in July 2015 that he, as Director General of the CEP in 2010, had taken the orders of Secretary Clinton’s Chief of Staff, Cheryl Mills, in changing election results.

The vast majority of political parties and organizations in Haiti are calling for the cancellation of the first round of legislative elections, which took place on August 9, 2015. Opont’s CEP reported an abysmal 18% voter participation in those elections although local and international observers estimated participation at 4-5%. Results from that contest have still not been released a month and a half later.

Furthermore, the vast majority of political parties and organizations are now beginning to call for the establishment of an electoral council not led by Pierre Louis Opont and for a transitional government, not the totalitarian regime of Michel Martelly, to administer elections.

USAID Director Rajiv Shah, Ambassador Kenneth Merten, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
USAID Director Rajiv Shah (left) provided a grant of $100K to a political group that conducted riots, committed vandalism including burning headquarters of leading candidates, in order to justify a change in elections towards Clinton’s pick, Martelly.

Obama’s Mission: Cover up the Clinton Debacle

President Barack Obama phoned in his foreign policy to the Clintons during his first term and from the many incidents which ensued, it is clear that his legacy is threatened for it. It needs not mentioning, Benghazi, the emails, the Clinton Foundation, and much more that exist and are still to come.

But Obama is in a situation where he must cover up the actions of the Clintons as to not sully himself, or at least make it appear as she was a rogue subordinate. In either case, he is between a rock and a hard place.

Notwithstanding the unfortunate attack in Benghazi where the U.S. lost its Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, nowhere has the Clinton machine exposed its insolence than in Haiti.

Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills, Kenneth Merten in Haiti
Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, then-Ambassador to Haiti, Kenneth Merten in Haiti. Photo by Kendra Helmer/U.S. Agency for International Development

The death of democracy in Haiti

The team of Cheryl Mills and Ambassador Merten placed the raunchy musician Michel Martelly into the second round of elections despite him not having the votes to have qualified. Hillary Clinton herself left the brewing Arab Spring in Egypt to travel to Haiti in January 2011 to ensure that Martelly would be placed in the second round.

In March of 2011, USAID disbursed a grant of $100,000 to Mouvement Tet Kale (MTK), a political organization which in the months of December 2010 and January 2011, had rioted, vandalized and burned the headquarters of the political parties of leading candidates. These riots were used in order to justify the change of results that the current CEP President, Pierre Louis Opont, as afore mentioned, admitted to in July of this year.

Kenneth Merten also had to be Michel Martelly’s legitimacy. For the same Constitutional restrictions which disqualified the globally renowned musician, Wyclef Jean, from being a candidate, these were the challenges that Martelly faced in office. Merten eventually would have to stand during a press conference at the Haitian National Palace in March 2012 to say that Martelly was in fact Haitian although that did not satisfy the actual question of legitimacy that he faced.

President Michel Martelly, U.S. Ambassador to Haiti Pamela White
Merten’s successor, U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, Pamela White, publicized a disturbingly comfortable relationship with the Martelly regime in order to continue Clinton’s project against Haitian democracy. This photo taken in late 2013 with elections nearing 4 years overdue, all local government seats out of mandate and held by hand-picked agents, and the Parliament already at 2/3s capacity.

Martelly’s mission: No elections, let alone, credible ones

Michel Martelly had one duty to serve for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the UN Envoy to Haiti Bill Clinton, who held ultimate political power and financial power – to the tune of $10 billion – in those months following the 2010 earthquake: not set conditions conducive to the organization of elections. And has done so for nearly five years.

The Haitian Parliament had long stood in the way of the Clinton’s commercial and mining interests in Haiti. The same donors which pour in billions into the Clinton Foundation and Political Action Committees (PACs) supporting her candidacy, had desired reconstruction and mining contracts.

By not organizing elections, Martelly was able to see the end of mandates for thousands of local government officials, including mayors, commissioners, judges. Today in Haiti, all these seats either have hand-picked “interim agents” or are empty, although the Haitian Constitution requires these officials to have been elected by the people.

By not organizing elections, the Haitian Parliament operated much of Martelly’s term at 2/3s of its capacity, making quorums nearly impossible to meet, let alone votes and actions of control upon the executive administration.

This set up, where no local government of the people existed, allowed the earthquake reconstruction to never take place. Questions continue, to this day, to be raised: “what happened to the money?” every year on the earthquake’s anniversary. The answer: Clinton cronies were allowed to run-a-muck with donation money and never deliver the goods. And with a weakened Parliament, Clinton cronies, even Hillary Clinton’s brother, were able to obtain mining contracts in Haiti under irregular circumstances and terms that threaten the environment and give minimal return to the Haitian people.

Elections by any means as a way out for Obama and Clinton

4-star Retired U.S. General Tony Zinni, the author of a great book, Before the First Shots are Fired: How American Can Win or Lose off the Battlefield, says over and over, “an election does not equal a democracy.” Of course he is harping on the inclination for leaders to declare something an “election” when due to many a surrounding factors, it is really not.

For President Barack Obama to mitigate the damage to his legacy, he needs these elections, with this totalitarian regime to go through, fair, inclusive, credible, or not. A transitional government would bring light to the failures of the U.S. leadership in the wake of the earthquake and show further his passivity in the face of a rogue subordinate.

The problem with getting these elections is the Haitian President Michel Martelly and the electoral council. They feel untouchable and intend to bring in a Parliament of criminals, according to reports from local human rights organizations. Haitians are not willing to take that.

Kenneth Merten is hoping to slap, drag or pull, Haitians to these elections which will be the mother of all their crises in order to clean up the mess left by himself and the Clintons.


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Post source : AlterPresse

About The Author

Samuel Maxime is a Haitian-born citizen living in the United States. He founded The Haiti Sentinel to bring Haitian issues to an English language audience.


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