July 26, 2016


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How Haiti’s Dessalines Helped Make America Great

On The Fourth of July, Thank the Most Important Founding Father: Haiti’s Jean-Jacques Dessalines Wit...


DNC Chair to resign. Too little, too late?

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, USA (sentinel.ht) - Extremely careless in her role as arbiter of the Democratic primari...

Sanders reiterates call for DNC Chairwoman to resign after leaks

BURLINGTON, Vermont, USA (sentinel.ht) – On Sunday, on a wave of leaked emails showing the Democratic National Comm...


Karen Civil kicks-off first ever Essence Money+Power Expo

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana, USA (sentinel.ht) - Essence introduced its first two expos during its annual festival this year and for its Money+Power Expo it kicked off this inaugural ex...


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